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Support Services for ResultsPlus Online Customers

Metafile Information Systems, Inc. (Metafile) considers your purchase to be just the beginning. Metafile strives to be a Customer-oriented organization that prides itself on company-wide dedication to our Customerís satisfaction.

Metafileís Support Specialists and Administrators are organized and trained to offer a full range of support services while providing individual attention to each Customer. Before, during, and after the purchase, Customers can be assured of receiving the best and most complete support available.

Hosting Services

Hosting Services entitles online Customers access to Metafile Technical Support via toll-free telephone assistance, fax, or email and a Metafile Administrator that is responsible for performing specific administrative tasks at their request.

  • Metafile Technical Support
    • Implementation of additions or changes to ResultsPlus

      ResultsPlus will be kept in proper working order and any fixes or corrections identified by Customer and agreed to by Metafile will be made at no charge. Remedial Maintenance includes:

      • ResultsPlus updates, improvements, and enhancements that result in periodic updates
      • ResultsPlus revisions

    • Customer Care Quality

      Metafile provides a variety of ways for Customers to request help or otherwise make inquiries. Fax, e-mail, or call our toll-free support hotline to receive technical support assistance. Our knowledgeable Support Specialists are available to provide a timely and effective response to your product inquiries. Support Specialists are on duty Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, except on company holidays. Telephone calls, faxes and e-mails are directed to the first available Support Specialist and, in most cases, are responded to within two working hours.

  • Metafile Administrator
  • While anyone in Metafile Technical Support can help you with routine ResultsPlus questions, certain administrative tasks require the support of your Metafile Administrator. For planning and scheduling purposes, it is important that you schedule requests in advance with your Metafile Administrator. This will enable the administrator to get the information or data required from you in a timely fashion and will ensure that the work done meets your expectations. Your Metafile Administrator can help you by performing the following ResultsPlus administrative tasks:

    • Setting up individual users. This includes all ResultsPlus users who will be using your hosted ResultsPlus system.
    • Assigning data. This process involves adding, changing, or deleting information from specific fields in your database on a global basis.
    • Year-end processing. This includes closing out the fiscal year in your ResultsPlus system.
    • Adding or deleting indexes. When you identify a commonly queried field as an indexed field, your queries will run faster. If you select a field in the Folder table as an indexed field, it will appear on your Lookup Folder screen.
    • Creating or modifying custom tables. Custom tables are tables that contain your own fields for specific tracking purposes. Once created, they behave just like other ResultsPlus tables.
    • Importing records that do not require conversion. If you have records in a tab-separated or comma-separated ASCII file that do not require conversion, your Metafile Administrator can help you import them.
    • Setting up a fiscal summary table. A Fiscal Summary table can contain up to 20 years of yearly giving histories.

Consulting Services

Metafile realizes that you may not have the time or resources to take full advantage of this application. For this reason, Metafile offers the following services at an hourly or a flat-rate fee. To arrange for consulting in any of these areas, call or email us at success@resultsplussoftware.com.

  • Custom Reports

    A Support Specialist can create custom reports, modify standard reports, or assist the Customer in these activities.

  • Pre-Installation Analysis and Planning

    Prior to installation a Support Specialist can assist the Customer with a review of their business processes to plan and tailor ResultsPlus to their organization.

  • System Implementation Review (SIR)

    A Support Specialist can review Customerís ResultsPlus implementation to ensure that all system and administration tasks are operating properly; document Customerís implementation, issues, and user-training needs; and provide Customer information about ResultsPlus features.

Data Services

The effectiveness of your fundraising efforts is directly affected by the quality of your data, which is why we offer you the following services on an hourly basis or a flat-rate fee. To arrange for consulting in any of these areas, call or email us at success@resultsplussoftware.com.

  • Data Conversion Services

    Convert your existing database into ResultsPlus, convert an old version of ResultsPlus into the current version of ResultsPlus, or move your database from a Jet platform to an SQL platform. You can also merge two existing ResultsPlus databases.

  • Data Manipulation

    Services range from cleaning up data to providing custom data handling solutions.

  • Import Templates and Custom Imports

    This may include mapping out a strategy for importing data, preparing the source data file, and/or building the import template. For example, templates can be designed for address updates, importing mailing lists, and so on.

  • Custom (SQL) Queries

    Custom Query enables Customers to develop queries using Structured Query Language (SQL).

  • Data Validation Services

    Data validation includes identifying and correcting invalid constituent data. Your cost for these services is based on the number of records in your database.

  • Address Standardization and Validation

    Addresses are converted to USPS standard format and analyzed for deliverability.

  • Area Code Validation

    Area codes are validated against address data. (Includes Address Standardization and Validation.)

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) update

    Addresses are processed against the NCOA database to identify and apply address changes. (This process may not work against addresses that have not been standardized through Address Validation.)

  • Email Validation

    Components of email addresses are analyzed to ensure that they are valid and that they exist.

Training Services

Knowledge of the product allows you to make optimal use of your software. Metafile is committed to providing you with excellent training offered by skilled instructors. You can choose eLearning, personalized training via Web and phone, or curriculum-based classroom training.


  • ResultsPlus.tv

    We know that training dollars are difficult to budget without a specific, static, annual cost. It's hard to plan for turnover, and when new employees or volunteers come on board, you want them to come up to speed as quickly as possible. You're interested both in training new employees and inspiring existing employees to enhance their skills and stay current with product enhancements and industry trends.

    With ResultsPlus.tv you can plan for training. $425 will entitle your entire staff to one year of unlimited access to state-of-the-art ResultsPlus training modules, tips, techniques, and recorded topics on emerging trends in fundraising.

Personalized Training

  • One on One Remote Training

    Personalized training involves one-on-one hourly sessions. This is a cost-effective training solution for users who want training in a specific area of ResultsPlus, for new employees who want to learn a particular task, or for users who simply need a refresher in a certain area.

    This option consists of a private online training session focused on a specific function or task of your choice taught using interactive internet technology and the phone.

Classroom Training

  • ResultsPlus Essential Elements

    The three-day ResultsPlus Essential Elements class offers step-by-step instruction in gift entry, pledges, constituents and contact management, generating mail merges, basic queries and more. Classes are scheduled throughout the year at our corporate offices in Rochester, MN and occasionally in other locations. Registration for all classes requires payment in advance.

    Metafile can deliver the Essential Elements class at the customerís location for a daily rate plus travel expenses, with a minimum of three days.

How to Contact Metafile

Product Support

Phone Support: (800) 222-4096
Email: rphelp@metafile.com

Sales Inquiries

Corporate Office: (800) 638-2445
Email: success@resultsplussoftware.com

Corporate Office

Metafile Information Systems, Inc.
3428 Lakeridge PL NW
Rochester, MN 55901

Phone: (507) 286-9232
Fax: (507) 286-9065
Web: http://www.resultsplussoftware.com

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